Partnership agreement

General definitions The Betting Company is the 1win website (hereinafter referred to as the Internet Resource) on the Internet where users are offered the opportunity to place a bet on a sporting event online. The Affiliate program is a branch of marketing by means of which the Company attracts new visitors to its Internet Resource. The Company provides links, banners, and texts for promotion of its Internet Resource to the participants of the Affiliate Program and pays a certain percentage of the income received from customers who came through the Affiliate's advertisement. An Affiliate is a webmaster (individual or legal entity; resource owner) who fulfills the terms of the Company's Affiliate Program at website, and attracts new users, thereby promoting the Company's products. Players are the customers of the betting company who have registered through an Affiliate's link. Revenue is the money that an Affiliate receives as commission based on the profits from the players that they refer. A Payout is a transfer of an Affiliate's revenue from the internal account of the Affiliate Program to an external payment system of the Affiliate. Promotional materials are a set of marketing tools used to promote 1win betting company products on the Internet. General provisions 1. The Affiliate agrees to read the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program and to accept the Affiliate Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) before starting work with the program. 2. Only a Customer who has reached the age of 18 years can become a participant and fulfill the conditions of the Affiliate Program. 3. The Affiliate is responsible for the security of personal information and its safety, including the login and password. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from improper or careless use of personal information. 4. The Company may refuse to cooperate with any Affiliate, and the Company is not obligated to explain the reason for such refusal. 5. We reserve the right to make any changes to the Agreement for a variety of commercial, legal and customer service reasons. The current terms and conditions and their effective dates will be posted on the Affiliate Program website. Reading the current Agreement is the personal responsibility of a Customer. The Company has the right to make changes to the operation of the Website at any time and without prior notice to Customers. 6. The customers of the Affiliate Program are provided with advertising graphics, the corresponding text may be absent. Affiliates are permitted to use the information on the website in any way they choose. 7. As a means of promoting 1win betting company, Affiliates are prohibited from using email and other spam, contextual advertising, as well as any traffic that speculates on the Company's brand. If such traffic sources are detected, the Affiliate's personal account may be terminated and blocked. 8. The Affiliate is prohibited from the use of cookie stuffing: - opening the 1win website in an iframe with zero size or in an invisible zone; - Setting tags, cookie scripts, and other such manipulations. If an Affiliate fails to comply with these rules, their personal account may be terminated and blocked. 9. The Company reserves the right to request the traffic sources and other information used to promote the Internet Resource from the Affiliate. If the Affiliate refuses to provide these sources, the Company has the right to refuse to cooperate with the Affiliate. 10. The Affiliate Program is available for one member only. Affiliate Program members are prohibited from having two or more affiliate accounts and from registering as a sub-affiliate. In case of violation of this clause, the Company has the right to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate with subsequent termination and blocking of the Affiliate's account. If an Affiliate has a need to operate two or more accounts in the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate is obliged to inform the administration and provide objective justification of such need. 11. The Affiliate is prohibited from registering their own player account with the betting company through their referral link or promotion code, as well as colluding with other players. Registrations are limited to one per person, family, IP, device, email address, or payment information. If such traffic sources are detected, the Affiliate's accounts in the Affiliate Program and on the Internet site of the betting company may be terminated and blocked. 12. The Company has the right to reduce an Affiliate's rate to the initial rate of 50% if the Affiliate ceases to place advertising materials. An Affiliate can track the current Affiliate Rate in their personal profile. 13. The Company reserves the right to suspend payments to the Affiliate if the administration of the Affiliate Program has reasons to believe that the Affiliate has violated the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Payouts may be suspended pending clarification of the circumstances. The Company has the right to suspend the Affiliate's account without notice if the Affiliate violates the Terms of Cooperation. 14. The Affiliate is prohibited from communicating in an aggressive or offensive manner, using abnormal language or threats toward the Company's employees. The Affiliate is prohibited from disclosing this information to any third party.In case of non-compliance with this paragraph of the Rules, the Company has the right to stop correspondence with the Affiliate, to refuse cooperation with subsequent termination of the account and blocking of the Affiliate's account. 15. The information provided during communication with the Administration and support team of the 1win Affiliate Program is confidential information. The Affiliate is prohibited from disclosing this information to any third party. In case of violations, the Company has the right to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate with subsequent termination and blocking of the Affiliate's account. 16. The use of images, photos and videos of Company ambassadors in promotional materials is prohibited. The ambassadors include: performers, bloggers, and other public figures. If such advertising material is found, the Company reserves the right to refuse to pay commissions earned through the use of prohibited content. 17. CPA model working conditions: 17.1. Before starting work in the Affiliate Program under the CPA model, an Affiliate should contact the Affiliate Program manager to activate this model of cooperation; 17.2. When determining the terms of cooperation under the CPA model, the activity and other indicators of the referred players are taken into account. Changes in any of the indicators may result in changes in the terms of cooperation; 17.3. The Affiliate must refer a minimum of 10 First Deposits (FDs) in order to receive a payout under the CPA model. At the beginning of the cooperation, a trial limit can be set, which means that the Affiliate will receive the first payout only after reaching an agreed number of FDs; 17.4. The traffic review period before the balance is credited (hold) to qualify is 7 days; 17.5. Players who are already customers of the online casino and betting company 1win are not paid for under the CPA model. Conversions that receive multi-account status as a result of verification are rejected; 17.6. In case of high traffic deviations from the general KPI, the hold period can be increased individually for each Affiliate. In the event of prolonged inactivity of referred players, the Company reserves the right not to pay for such qualifications; 17.7. Customers who have achieved KPIs may not be paid for or may be denied conversion to the Revenue Share payment model in the following cases: - specifying the minimum deposit amount in creative ads; - use of motivated traffic (cashback for deposits or rewards for deposits); - use of scheme traffic; - deception and misleading users; - deletion of the link from the application for which traffic has been purchased; - identification of technical problems in the application due to lack of analysis by the Affiliate Program QA department at the beginning; - inaccurate information about the traffic sources used; - high churn rate; - launching an advertising campaign without coordinating it with the manager. 17.8 The methodology for analyzing traffic indicators and their detailed composition are part of the anti-fraud system and cannot be disclosed to third parties. Traffic that has not passed the anti-fraud check is not paid for. If violations are found, the Affiliate's account may be terminated or blocked. Referral fee An Affiliate's revenue has no fixed value. It depends on the betting company's income received from those players who registered through the Affiliate's link. Commissions and bonuses of a referred player do not affect the revenue of the Affiliate, which is 50% of the net profit of the betting company made by the Affiliate's players. The Affiliate Rate is subject to change at the discretion of the Company. An Affiliate can track the current Affiliate rate in their personal profile. Payment of fees An Affiliate can receive their fees once a week, every Tuesday, by transferring money to the betting company's account, indicating the details for payment. Fees are paid on the condition that the Affiliate has referred 10 active customers who have deposited a total of at least ₽5,000 or $/€70 to their personal accounts. If an Affiliate hasn't achieved the necessary values for payment of fee, the funds will be held until the necessary amount and number of customers are accumulated. The Company's Affiliate Program has the right to delay payments to Affiliates for up to 2 months in case of unforeseen technical failures on the part of the Affiliate Program, as well as in case of the need to verify the Affiliate and their traffic sources. Dispute resolution procedure Members of the Affiliate Program can challenge any situation. The Company will fully and objectively consider all disputed issues when provided specific information, that is facts and arguments. Disputed information, including facts and arguments, should be submitted in writing to the Company's support e-mail at Within 14 days of receipt of the letter, the complaint or request will be reviewed and the Affiliate will be notified of the outcome of the review in a reply letter. Using profanities, any kind of insulst and false data in the letter is forbidden.